2nd week: Creating the Product Hypothesis

The bigpocket journey just started, and we are very excited with the path it is taking. Our first goal was to get every team member on the same page. Therefore, our entire team is reading “The Four Steps to the Epiphany.” As a result we are having great conversations at lunch time, and a bigger picture of the customer development model. It is well known that, the best way to understand something is to look at it from different angles.

Around the same time we started this blog, we also created a twitter account. Our twitter community has been growing and we are very excited to see that entrepreneurs, supermarkets, moms, people who enjoy cooking, and others are following us. Last week we got some ideas for possible bigpocket logos, but we straggled to choose one. Since we want our followers to be part of our start up we decided to let them decide. A twtpoll was create and we are just waiting to see the winner logo. You can also help us voting here

We just finished the product hypothesis and it is great all you learn following the model. Creating the feature list and product benefits was easy, but not the Total cost of adoption, where some subjective data must come from future users, therefore we will need to generate conversations. Next week we will start recruiting future users that would like to help us to validate our hypothesis, enhance and drive our design. If you know people that like cooking, frequently go shopping and is (passionated about) technology please refer to us, we want to chat with them. Our email is: bigpocket2009@gmail.com

We did some research on our own and found several internet communities, such as Modernmoms, blogher, culinate, and momsloveshopping, that target some of our future users. Now our goal is to join their communities and start interacting with them.

We had an interview with one potential engineer/partner that may join the company, we will make sure to celebrate when that happens and let you know.


~ by bigpocket on January 11, 2010.

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