6th Week: Building a Strong Startup Team

This is our sixth week! A month and a half has passed since we started this project. Sharing has been a great way to learn, when things go wrong, you have to accept it to write it, or it will not come out. Embracing failure is not just words, you have to feel it. This week had its ups and downs, but overall these experiences helped us to analyze what we were doing and look for ways to improve it. In a Startup you have to maintain your own energy up every day, every week.

This week we were recruiting. Not only because we continued recruiting people to validate our hypothesis, but also because we are looking for someone to join the Bigpocket team and help us with the technical stuff. We thought we will have the resource available but it did not came true, when we need it. We are solving this issue subcontracting a person, but we know it will take time to find it and also we will have to spend time to find the right person. So, our lesson learned is to make sure that you have your resources 100% commited to what you want to do. We see at least 15 days of loss time due to this issue, we are replanning to make sure we do not have the same problem in the future.

That is why we believe working on a startup is not a glamorous job, it takes a good stomach to be an entrepreneur ( Tough Truths About Being an Entrepreneur)

As one of our co-founder says, a startup is like a baby. It needs a lot of attention and dedication to be able to grow. When recruiting people for a specific job the HR department would creates a job profile and the characteristic needed for the job, but when recruiting someone for a startup these process goes above and beyond.  Not having a strong technical skilled partner on the team has definitely slowed us down. However, we prefer to take our time to find the right person.

Our hypothesis validation still in process, finding people willing to share their thoughts is not always easy. However, perseverance is the key element. This week we were having troubles finding people to interview, and we were not sure why, lack of planning we guess. We were doing the same things we did last week, and compared to last week we were not having any progress. For that reason we decided to implement new techniques to find early adopters, and they worked, fourtunately!!

·         Find the forums where people from your target markets hang out: Forums are great place to find early adopters to interview. Since people are already discussing the topics you are interested in, it is very easy to interact with them. Post comments and create a connection, then ask them for help a high percentage of the time they would be willing to help you.

·         Personalize your emails: If you are sending emails to recruiter people, make sure to personalize every email. People tend to replay to emails more often if they feel the email was send specially for them. Sending a general email to a bunch of people may help you to send it faster, but would not give you the same results.

·         Try twice before giving up: People are busy and they may not be able to get you call or replay to your email. For that reason it is very important to keep track of the people you have not been able to contact and keep trying.

Perseverance is a key element while working on a startup. As someone said last week Success = iP^2 (ip square) where i = intellingence and p = perseverance.

Finally, we will appreciate your help, we are going to start releasing some stuff soon, and will appreciate that you spread the word out to all of those you know that like to cook, save money and do not like to sacrifice quality. Thanks again everyone who had read our blog, leave us a comments, and/or helped us on our hypothesis validations, all our love for you!!


~ by bigpocket on February 8, 2010.

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